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Welcome to the Bake Shop

The Bake Shop is a registered home-based bakery in St. John’s, NL, offering peanut and tree nut free cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and treats to entice your sweet tooth.

The Bake Shop operates through sales for seasonal celebrations, along with pop ups at local stores and flash sales.

*Please note that the Bake Shop is not taking custom or specialty orders at this time.

Allergy Information:

Bake Shop treats are made with peanut and tree nut free ingredients and prepared in a nut free kitchen.  However, all baked goods are the responsibility of the customer once they leave the Bake Shop. Although these items leave the Bake Shop peanut/tree nut free, once they enter your own homes and celebration spaces I cannot guarantee they will remain nut free.  You are responsible to ensure they remain safe for your allergic family and friends to consume. Please take extra precautions to avoid cross contamination when bringing them into your own kitchens and do not store them with other baked goods.

Baked goods contain/may contain other common allergens including, but not limited to, wheat, soy, eggs, and dairy.


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