Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Refund and Cancellation Policy?  | What is the Order/Pickup Policy?      By placing an order with the Bake Shop, you are agreeing to the Bake Shop's Refund/Cancellation Policy and Order/Pickup Policy.

The Bake Shop does not offer refunds. In some circumstances, a credit may be available for use towards a future order.  Orders cancelled the week of the pickup date cannot be credited unless resold, as preparations will already been underway for that order.

Pickup times are strictly during the date and times specified when you place your order. If you are unable to come during the scheduled pickup time, please arrange for a friend or family member to pickup your order on your behalf.  I do recognize that unexpected circumstances may arise preventing pickup of your order during the allotted time frame.  If you are running late, please send a message to see if your pickup can still be accommodated at that time.  If you miss your pickup, please reach out to the Bake Shop as soon as possible to see if an alternative time may be arranged that same day.  Failure to pickup during the pickup window may result in a forfeited order. 

If there is notice of an impending snow storm/inclement weather in the forecast for the pickup day, the Bake Shop reserves the right to change the pickup time to either day before or after the weather event and a notice will be sent via email. 


Can you accommodate allergies?        I am severely allergic to all nuts (peanuts and tree nuts) so you won't find any in my kitchen!  Special care has been taken to ensure that your Bake Shop ingredients are peanut and tree nut free. They are made in a peanut and tree nut free kitchen.  All items are baked from scratch with nut free products and all garnishes are handmade or hand cut/molded. 

However, all baked goods are the responsibility of the customer once they leave the Bake Shop.

Although these items leave the Bake Shop peanut/tree nut free, once they enter your own homes and celebrations spaces, I cannot guarantee they will remain nut free.  You are responsible to ensure they remain safe for your allergic family and friends to consume. Please take extra precautions to avoid cross contamination when bringing them into your own kitchens and do not store them with other baked goods.

Gluten friendly options may be available from time to time. Although every precaution is taken to avoid cross-contamination, all baked good are prepared in a kitchen where flour is used almost daily.

Baked goods may include other allergens, such as (but not limited to) soy, eggs, and dairy.


How can I place a custom order?        I am not taking any custom orders at the time for 2022.  The Bake Shop will continue to operate through seasonal presales/pickups, flash sales, and pop ups at local stores. 


What is a "Pre-sale?"        Pre-sales are sales with specific designs that you can pre-purchase ahead of time for a specific pickup date and time.  These will be quite common for seasonal and holiday celebrations.  Notice for presales will be posted on the website, as well as the Bake Shop's Instagram and Facebook Pages, and will include product descriptions, pricing, and pickup information. You can order online through this site after the menu is posted and payment is accepted at the time of online ordering via credit card or visa debit. There will be a limited number of items available with each presale so get your orders in early!


What is a "Pop Up sale"?        Pop up sales take place at local stores and spaces and operate on a first come first serve basis.  Inventory is limited to what is on hand at the time of the sale. Notice of pop-ups will be posted on the website, as well as the social media pages. 


Do you ship your treats?        I do not ship Bake Shop treats.  


Where are you located? | Do you deliver?        At this time the Bake Shop is an online home-based business offering pick-up in St. John's. Delivery may be available from time to time.  Pickup information and delivery (if available) will be posted with each menu.  


Do you use fresh ingredients?        Absolutely! Quality is important and only the finest ingredients are used to prepare cupcakes, cakes and cookies – real butter and fresh strawberries and lemons. All sauces and drizzles are made from scratch and all chocolate garnishes are hand moulded using specialty peanut and tree nut free chocolate. Chocolate strawberries and espresso beans are hand dipped and candied peel is homemade. All mini cookies, except the Oreo's (and who doesn’t love an Oreo!) are made from scratch. Sugar cookies are hand-decorated.